Sunday, May 18, 2014

Before and after Lipari

We are visited again by a small bird.
 I splashed some water from a bottle onto the deck next to it and flicked a couple of bits of bread his way.  To my everlasting surprise, the bird flew up and alighted on my fingers and gave a couple of pecks at the remains of the bread.

Later, after lunch, the fishing reel began to buzz loudly as tuna #2 attacked the lure.
This little fellow, about 2 kg, was quickly dispatched, filleted and readied for the promised feast with Luc and Francoise.

After the thunderstorm we approach Lipari

We left Lipari under a soothing sunset.

Eric announced a plan to anchor in the Straits of Messina 35 miles East.  This plan seemed reasonable to all.  But we lost good wind, and when we reached the Straits it was 11pm. The Captain was uncertain that a previously relied upon anchorage was sufficient and pressed on to another, also unsuitable for undisclosed reasons.  Then we approached a mooring dock, a private yacht club perhaps, and the attendant (it's now 1am) quoted 88 Euros to tie up.  Unacceptable.

We move on down the Strait to the toe of Italy.  I slept for 3 hours and took over at 5 am for Eric who had stood the watch all night.  We continued through the second night and by 8:30pm yesterday we crossed the Ionian all of us recovered thanks to our new favorite sport...napping.

Le Raz dela Merciere at Lipari

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